How To Book A Cooking Class in Paris in English

Culinary Tourism

Think ‘tourism’. What comes to mind? Tourists in luxury coaches visiting monuments, complete with bilingual tour guide. A good answer, but not the complete picture. There many specialised tourism niches. What springs to mind when anyone mentions Paris? Romance? Yes. Fashion? Absolutely. Historical buildings? Of course. But what else does Paris have to attract tourists? The fact that it’s an international cuisine capital. Take the word ‘cuisine’, which in English means the food of a particular region. It’s the French world for ‘kitchen’. The French are world leaders in culinary matters.

Gastronomy Experts

The French adore the process of gastronomy. They relish each step, from buying produce in the market, to preparing the food in the kitchen. They treat it with a reverence which borders on the religious. Could there be a better place to study the process of gastronomy? Paris is the international cuisine capital. It has more to offer as a culinary tourism destination than any other city in the world.

Le Foodist - the School of Gastronomy

croissant class paris

To learn about gastronomy, look no further than Do you desire to cook dinner in French style? Do you dream of preparing delectable French pastries? Or would you rather indulge in a little wine tasting? Le Foodist has a class for you. It leaves no stone unturned to give you the complete experience. You’ll choose your fruit, meat and vegetables in the market. The cooking class is hands on. After class, chef and students dine together. Enjoy the food, wine and pastries and swap experiences. You won't only take home great memories. You'll have earned new gastronomic insights which will enhance your cooking skills. So what are you waiting for? Check out Le Foodist today for the best information on culinary tourism in Paris.

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