Cooking holiday in Provence


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South of France is famous for its rich soils and the hot climates; these two features make the raw ingredients of this region simply delicious. Imagine the amazing towns and the beautiful landscapes, the great wines. All these aspects make it a perfect place for you to learn how to cook the best meals or even how to improve your cooking skills.

Cooking Classes in Provence-Learn from the Best

If you are looking for a place to take your cooking classes then Provence should be your next stop. At Provence you will get cooking classes that entail everything. They offer you a wide range of French, and market-inspired cooking classes. There are also food tours that take place as from Monday to Saturday. The classes are super-entertaining and very educational, and you will get exactly what you are looking for since in Provence there are cooking classes that are meant for every type of visitor. You get to enjoy a full-day cooking class that includes a market tour and a three-course meal, a French pastry class, or even half-day classes. For those who do not want to take part in the cooking, there are some market trips that you can be part of and even take a food trip.

About the Cooking Classes

There are various cooking classes offered in Provence. Of course they include the basic tour to some of the main regional growing areas. For all the classes, they use fresh, seasonal and local ingredients that are sourced from South of France. During the classes the chef shares his or her cooking technique and the recipes. They also tell you the knowledge of the main flavours of French pastries and Provence. Indulge yourself in a cooking class in Provence and rest assured your cooking will never disappoint since you will learn from the best.